iOS Passcode 7.x.x, 8.0-8.1 and Android 4.x, 5.x, 6.x with OTG
Android PIN/Backup PIN up to 8 digit and Patternlock 4-9 dots
Several methods of PIN searching (range, popular, mask, date)
Full standalone device use and configure without PC
Extension port for future upgrades
No registration needed

Functions and Supported Systems:

iOS 7.x.x: 4 digit Passcode from all devices working on iOS 7.x.x
iOS 8.0-8.1: 4 digit Passcode from iPhones working on iOS 8.0-8.1
Macbook EFI: 4 digit Passcode from Macbook
ANDROID PIN: 4 to 8 digit PIN code from miscellaneous Android 4.x.x/5.x/6.x devices
HTC PIN: 4 to 8 digit PIN code from HTC Android devices
SAMSUNG BACKUP PIN 4.X/5.X: 4 to 8 digit Backup PIN, available after 5 wrong attempts
SONY PIN: 4 to 8 digit PIN code from Sony Android 4.3+ devices
PATTERN: build-in 4 and 5 digits (dots) PatternLock (SWIPE) and all 4 to 9 digits (dots) PatternLock via Pattern Adapter
MOUSE PIN: 4 digit PIN via MOUSE in phones with blocked keyboard support Android 4.x.x/5.x/6.x devices

Remove/Recovery Speed:

iOS Passcode 7.x.x - about 600codes per hour
iOS Passcode 8.0-8.1 - about 60codes per hour
Macbook EFI - about 280codes per hour
Android PIN - about 550codes per hour
Android Patternlock - about 500codes per hour
Android 4.X.X Backup PIN (Samsung) - about 3600codes per hour
Android 5.X.X Backup PIN (Samsung) - about 550codes per hour
Android 4.X, 5.X, 6.X Backup PIN (LG) - about 3600codes per hour
Android MOUSE PIN - about 470codes per hour
Android PIN 6.X (30 SEC / 1 ATTEMPT) - about 120codes per hour

Patternlock Bruteforce Attack Speed:

4 dots - all 1624 combinations, max. time about: 3 h 30 min.
4 dots - excluded 648 combinations, max. time about: 1 h 20 min.
4 dots - simple 120 combinations, max. time about: 15 min.
5 dots - all 7152 combinations, max. time about: 7 h 10 min.
5 dots - excluded 2040 combinations, max. time about: 4 h 20 min.
5 dots - simple 270 combinations, max. time about: 35 min.
6 dots - all 26016 combinations, max. time about: 55 h 30 min.
6 dots - excluded 5248 combinations, max. time about: 11 h 10 min.
6 dots - simple 528 combinations, max. time about: 1 h 05 min.
7 dots - all 72912 combinations, max. time about: 155 h 10 min.
7 dots - excluded 10448 combinations, max. time about: 22 h 20 min.
7 dots - simple 816 combinations, max. time about: 1 h 45 min.
8 dots - all 140704 combinations, max. time about: 299 h 30 min.
8 dots - excluded 15168 combinations, max. time about: 32 h 20 min.
8 dots - simple 960 combinations, max. time about: 2 h 00 min.
9 dots - all 140704 combinations, max. time about: 299 h 30 min.
9 dots - excluded 12360 combinations, max. time about: 26 h 20 min.
9 dots - simple 736 combinations, max. time about: 1 h 35 min.
Excluded means that exclude are long pairs like 1,6; 2,7 etc. these types of pattern are rarely used. Simple means that generate are only pairs like 1,2; 2,5; 3,2, etc.

ReSTART Adapter Parameters:

Adjusted "Press Arm" every 5 degrees
Several option specifies how to restart phone
80 mm holder width for mount phones
Supported placement of POWER buttons: top, right, bottom
Extension possibilities through XPIN Clip firmware updates

Latest updates:

1.4.0 01.03.2019
update required for proper working of ReSTART adapter revision 2.0
1.3.4 10.04.2017
added ability to select cursor movement speed for PATTERN and MOUSE PIN option available in SPEED menu, predefined setting are NORMAL, SLOW and VERY SLOW
PIN FOR HTC mode has been modified
improved working and fixed found bugs
1.3.3 16.12.2016
added support for ReSTART adapter, available are 3 new parameters in ANDROID PIN menu: RESTART - number of attempts between adapter turn off and on phone again, ANGLE angle of press arm inclination, range from 5 do 90 degrees, MODE parameter specifies how to restart phone to choose 4 option: SAM MENU 1, SAM MENU 2, GENERIC and FORCE
added new option in menu WAITING - 60 SEC / 5 ATP, allows you to set a 60 second interval between next 5 attempts
1.3.2 25.10.2016
added dictonary for MOUSE PIN this features require Pattern Adapter. Available are 4 predefined dictonary: POPULAR, DATE, MIXED and CUSTOM. You can now create own custom order PIN list editing custom.csv file on PC. Files: popular.csv, date.csv. mixed.csv, custom.csv move directly to the micro SD card, in XPIN Clip menu choose MOUSE PIN and DICT then select POPULAR, DATE, MIXED or CUSTOM
improved working and fixed found bugs
1.3.1 24.08.2016
added alternative mode for Sony phones in MOUSE PIN menu
improved operation time intervals TIMING for ANDROID PIN
1.3.0 24.06.2016
reprogrammed HUA option (Huawei MODE) for MOUSE PIN from now it supports greater number of models from this producer
1.2.9 20.06.2016
extended range of CHARGING parameter setting - charging time from 10 do 180 min every 10 min, number of codes from 100 to 5000 every 100 PIN code
improved CHARGING option for different WAITING parameter - note if WAITING is set on DISABLED charging parameter will be ignored
removed a bug that in some situation caused incorrect display PIN values for CHARGING
1.2.8 23.05.2016
improved of working with Android 6.x (WAITING 30 SEC/1 ATP) when set are ANDROID PIN and CHARGING BETWEEN option
1.2.7 20.05.2016
added ability to perform bruteforce attack on Android 6.x phones, option WAITING 30 SEC/1 ATP - each new PIN code will be entered after 30 seconds. For phones with Android OS below 6.x you have to choose 30 SEC/5 ATP option, you can also ignore wating time between attempts, just set WAITING option on DISABLED
added MODE option in menu 10. MOUSE PIN that allow you to customized attack for different brand phones - for now available are: NORMAL (standard attack), HTC (for HTC phones), HUA (for Huawei phones)
1.2.6 15.04.2016
added ability to set light sensor time reaction for PATTERN and MOUSE PIN, option TIMING you can set between the range of 500ms - 3000ms
fixed raporting issue that caused no 30 seconds waiting between 5 attempts when CHARGING option was set on MIN/PIN for PATTERN and MOUSE PIN
1.2.5 11.04.2016
added change screen resolution: SD - to 720p, HD - from 1080p (this option is available for PATTERN and MOUSE PIN)
added ability to disabled 30 seconds waiting time between PIN attempts for ANDRIOD OS
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