iOS Passcode 7.x.x, 8.0-8.1 and Android 4.x, 5.x, 6.x with OTG
Android PIN/Backup PIN up to 8 digit and Patternlock 4-9 dots
Several methods of PIN searching (range, popular, mask, date)
Full standalone device use and configure without PC
Extension port for future upgrades
No registration needed


XPIN Clip allows you to get user passcode from iPhone, iPad 7.x.x, iPhone 8.0-8.1 and PIN, Backup PIN, PatternLock from Android phones/tablets that supports USB OTG.
XPIN Clip does not require resetting your device which entails deleting data and reverts the device to factory settings.
XPIN Clip work without: USB debugging, root, custom recovery, lost data, lost warranty - KNOX flag or unlocking bootloader in some devices).
XPIN Clip is also helpfull for forensic investigation where in some cases you can not undermine the integrity of the data (like: root, custom recovery etc.)

Recovery Methods:

RANGE: range of 4 digit PIN (increase and decrease)
MASK: 4 digit mask that allow to speed up recovery PIN code if we known at least 1 digit and her position
DATE: this method check all PIN combination that could be a day-month or month-day configuration
POPULAR: this method check all most popular 4 digit PIN
ADVANCED: this method allow you to check PIN that is longer than 4 digit (max 8 digit) also with mask, you can set increase or decrease direction
PATH (Only for PATTERN): length of PatternLock - four or five dots
PATH SD (Only for PATTERN)*: length of PatternLock - from four to nine dots reading from SD card
* You need "Pattern Adapter" that can be purchase it separately

Set contains:

TRS connectors cable with light sensor
USB HOST 4in1 with charging for iPhone/iPad
Cable OTG micro USB for Android with charging option
User Manual PL/EN
12 months of warranty

Optional adapters:

Pattern Addapter
OS800 Adapter
ReSTART Adapter

Compare to other devices:

Last update: 20.05.2016
MFC Dongle
Revive Box
iOS 7.x.x Passcode
iOS 8.x, 9.x Passcode
(Only 4/4S - 30 pin connector)
iOS 8.0 - 8.1 Passcode
(Not Disabled Only)
Macbook EFI Passcode / Pin Lock
Android PIN without OTG
Android 4.x.x 5.x with OTG
Android 4.x.x 5.x with OTG
more than 4 digit
Android 4.x.x 5.x with OTG Backup
PIN available in Samsung / LG
Android Pattern Lock (swipe)
4 and 5 dots paths
Android Pattern Lock (swipe) more
that 5 dots, read from SD card
Android 6.x with OTG
Android PIN and Pattern Lock
for third-party applications
Android 4 digit PIN via MOUSE
for blocked OTG Keyboard
Android OTG/Charging option (more in user manual)
Usage without PC computer
Setting and configuration without PC computer
Display - read found code direcly from device
Extension port
(upgradetable for new features)
Charging USB Host cable for iPhones
Use without registration


Not support
Supports, need an adapter
Available soon
No data
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